ResEnergy provides innovative ceramic proppants, a diverse portfolio of sand resources and a complete line of drilling, fracing and production specialty chemicals. Seasoned in the logistics required to be successful in this arena, every basin is within our reach.

  • Full line of ceramic proppants in all categories (lightweight, intermediate, and high-strength).
  • Innovative products such as Welterweight, an ISP optimized for lower density, yielding better proppant transport and placement.
  • China manufacturing facility sitting ready to resume production with 3 weeks’ notice. 6.6 million pounds of 20/40 Welterweight in inventory.
  • US-based inventory also available for rapid response.

ResEnergy Proppants

Each product in the innovative ResProp line of ceramics is optimized for a specific desired characteristic, be it conductivity, specific gravity, or crush strength. Our client-driven research and development enables us to respond to changing market needs with innovative products and logistics solutions.


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  • Partnerships with 3 US mines served by the Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific railroads give us reach to the most prolific basins in the US.
  • UP – Permian, Eagle Ford, DJ, Powder River, Marcellus
  • CP – Williston, Saskatchewan, Alberta
  • Contact Resenergy sales for more information

Resenergy is focused on specialty and environmentally friendly chemicals to solve the most complex problems in drilling, fracing and production.

Acidizing Additives – Our offering includes iron control, corrosion inhibitors, non-emulsifying agents, antisludge additives, gelling agents, oil/acid emulsifiers, viscosifiers, friction reducers, scale inhibition, clay control, extenders, and an all-in-one package.

Anti-microbial Agents – ResEnergy’s portfolio of agents that combat microbes, bacteria and fungi includes not only the standard gluts, quats, THPS, DBNPA, MECT, and Dazomet, but also a newly developed “green” biocide.

Corrosion Inhibitors – ResEnergy’s line of production corrosion inhibitors have been proven to be the most effective through third-party tests. We carry oil-soluble and water soluble, weighted, iron dispersing, packer-suitable solutions. We manage corrosion issues created by CO2 H2S, FeS, dissolved solids, oxygen and other compounds.

Demulsifiers – Production-killing emulsions are commonplace and misunderstood. A stable emulsion can withstand as much as a 2,000 psi pressure differential in the formation. We give emulsions due consideration, regardless of the issue being resolved. Our products include over 40 emulsion inhibitors, demulsifiers, and tank bottom compounds, including less expensive water-soluble demulsifiers.

Foamers and Defoamers – Foamers are essential to lift well fluids in low bottom hole pressure wells, especially gas wells. We have a full line of foamers for water (regardless of gravity or chlorides) and oil. Scale and corrosion inhibitors can be incorporated into the foamer package. We also carry a full line of defoamers to break foam that is stabilized or causing emulsions. Fracturing and stimulation foamers are available as well.

Formation Cleaners – Our FCU products have multiple components to tackle the multi-faceted problems that can exist in a wellbore or formation. For example FCU-195 removes carbonate scale, sulfate scale, iron sulfide, paraffin, asphaltenes, emulsions and formation wetting, all with one product. Other issues such as gel damage, solids damage, and bacteria are managed with other combinations. FCU-100 is a non-acidic breakdown fluid often used as a perforating fluids to ensure clean perf tunnels.

Gas Well Enhancement Chemicals – Our gas well enhancement products are designed to treat common gas well problems such as water blocks, swelling clays, dry imbedded asphaltenes and water sensitivities. Many times pumping our gas well enhancement solution has removed a simple water block and avoided re-fracing the gas well.

Gelling Agents and Friction Reducers – We have a full complement of friction reducers used in fracturing, acidizing, coil tubing operations, drilling and pipelines. Our line includes anionic, cationic and non-ionic friction reducers as well as special friction reducers for high-chloride brines. DR-905 is a drilling polymer that keeps the hole stable, assists in removing solids to prevent drill pipe sticking, and enhances penetration rates. SDA-95 is an example of an acidizing agent that is solids-free and develops in-situ gel strength as the HCl spends, thus permitting better penetration and zone coverage.

Iron Sulfide Removal – Our product line includes iron sulfide dispersants that break down the iron sulfide molecules into their smallest particles, permitting flow through the formation matrix. In a squeeze application, iron sulfide deposits are reduced in size, flow out of the well and inhibit the re-growth of iron sulfide particles for as long as 18 months. The products have been used on producers, injectors and disposal wells.

Paraffin and Asphaltene Removal and Inhibition – Our portfolio includes over 50 products dedicated to paraffin and asphaltene removal and inhibition. Extensive testing is performed on each hydrocarbon damage sample to ensure the proper product is incorporated. Besides hydrocarbon damage removal, the Parene series of products also provides many other benefits including demulsification and wetting. Other products can be incorporated to deliver benefits as well.

Pipeline – We have numerous pipeline products that are used in corrosion protection, friction reduction, oil viscosity reduction, pipeline cleaning, hydrocarbon damage removal, scale removal and inhibition, and scavenging. Our unique friction reducer doubles as a corrosion inhibitor, reducing costs and permitting more oil flow.

Remediation – ResEnergy carries three products for remediation: ReVive-W for brine spills, ReVive-O for oil spills and BC-1 for lifting deeper-penetrating oil spills to the soil surface. These products are intended to be used in-situ, eliminating the cost of soil removal.

Scale Removal and Inhibition – The most common forms of scale are carbonates, sulfates, iron sulfides, and silicates; the removal solution is determined by the scale chemistry. Carbonate scale removal is pretty straight forward with organic and inorganic acids. While sulfate scale is more difficult to manage our dissolvers and converters are very effective. Our barium sulfate removal product has proven to be the premier product in the industry through 3rd party tests. Silicate removal is handled by a new proprietary green technology. We offer four types of inhibitors, polymeric, phosphonate, ester, and a proprietary silicate inhibitor.

Scavengers for H2S, CO2, and O2 – We have a full compliment of H2S, CO2, and O2 scavengers which can be pumped continuously or via tower application. We offer not only the triazine type scavengers, but also a more cost effective H2S scavenger useful in transport trucks and rail cars. We have recently developed a green scavenger that produces no solids and is pH neutral, permitting scavenging in formerly taboo applications, like formation squeeze jobs.

Water Clarifiers – Our line of water clarifiers are used in many applications such as salt water disposal, production wells needing demulsification, frac water cleaning, and solids removal. Our product intensity allows low volume application rates with exceptional results.

Miscellaneous – We have numerous products that do not necessarily fall into a specific category. For example, BC-1 removes asphaltenes from solids for application in oil sands and workover fluids. Other examples include clay stabilizers, KCl substitutes, salt inhibitors and synthetic acids.

Green Products – We define “green” products as those with minimal impact on water, soil and air as well as being non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. We have a complete line of green products in every category and continue to focus our R&D efforts in this direction.